Our group is going someway to helping others by raising awareness of the need to local authority and other local providers. A huge amount of voluntary hours are spent organising, publicising and running these events. None of our projects could happen without the support of local businesses and charity groups.


The nature of events for special needs families involves a greater sensitivity towards individual needs, more people power to ensure enough support and a good deal of fundraising. There is a tremendous amount of time given by volunteers who are all members of the local community. If you can help, please let us know and we will be happy to come along to talk to you.


We hold regular events and clubs open to all special needs children and siblings. We are currently running a very successful MADD (Music, Art, Dance and Drama) club as well as our annual performance of the special needs pantomime at the Princes Hall.  We also hold regular family events. See past events page for information.


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