Music, Art, Dance and Drama for 5-18 year olds with special needs. Most of our children are not able to access social groups and activities in the same way as their more able peers. A big part of their social learning as they become young adults is missed through lack of opportunity. One parent of a physically disabled boy pointed out that ‘It is not always appropriate for Mum to be there, when they are hanging out with their friends’.

Thanks to grant funding we have successfully run this club since 2006. Skilled tutors and enthusiastic volunteers have come together with special needs young people, to take part in weekly groups for dance and drama, and a regular music session. The young people wanted an opportunity to ‘Show What They Know’ on a proper stage to a proper audience. We endeavour to do this once a year. It give them a tremendous boost in confidence and gives us a fantastic sense of achievement. Siblings within the age range are also able to take part which makes a huge difference to families.